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Saturday, January 24, 2009


I knit up another pair of those Selbuvotter gloves in Palette Yarn (that beautiful stuff from Knitpicks) and then proceeded onto the kit of the Chullo hat from the same place. This Palette yarn is lofty, soft, light as a feather and colorful. And inexpensive. I adore it. 

The kit itself is about $20 and can make two hats! Generosity is a blessed trait, isn't it? I had to start the earflaps many times until I remembered how to knit colorwork in flat knitting. I had stopped knitting for some years, and this was hard to remember to do correctly. But after some bobbling around, I got the flaps done and then, ugh, I twisted the hat in joining ears to the knitting-around of the hat body. Ripping banded colorwork? Not worth it. Just start again. Plenty o' yarn.

Finally the hat is done. I re-worked the i-cord applied to edge differently than they worked it--because their method works from the RIGHT side and I think i-cord applied works best from the WRONG side--no color peeking through and the nicer part of the cord shows. This necessitated redoing the applied cord, no split up the cord to apply on either side of the hanging end (where the tassel goes.) Instead, did the hanging cord, applied one side of hat, then worked down on other side and ended in a cord. Then wove edges together. You have to BLOCK with pins to get it to lie flat and also colorwork REALLY requires some blocking. It is a mistake not to block colorwork. 

I wore the hat yesterday. Warm. Light. I'm off to make another,  using cool tones of blue, purple, and dark pink-red with cream. And maybe some gloves to match. 

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