Where have you been

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Many new things--new dog, Cherie, a rescue from a person in Dover who couldn't keep her. She was a mess--flea-ridden and tangled and so dirty. She was glad to come home with me and has been a very good companion to Daisy, who is so gregarious she needs constant company. More friends passing; my longtime friend Diana died in late November. A hard going at a young age. It's a long story, will write it up later. More new stuff, Postcrossing- a riff on the old random penpals of yesteryear. I've sent out five postcards, two have been received, I haven't gotten any yet. I can't find local cards! The drugstore would carry them but since they were acquired by a national chain, those items were taken away. And I went to Patagonia. Beautiful place. Mysterious, unlike any other place on earth.
Video of my trip to Patagonia