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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Galbi Jiim and comfort food for the coming week

I needn't tell you that if you work in the financial industry, last week was a shocker.

This week sounds to be not much better, so I continue my plan of cooking as many dinners on Sunday for the coming week.

I did a spelt noodle lasagna (for the wheat-averse here, spelt is an acceptable substitute.) I make standard noodle dough with white spelt flour and a hellacious number of double-yolk eggs. Spelt absorbs a lot of liquid compared to wheat. But it makes a superior noodle, as any Schwabian hausfrau would tell you. I rolled out flat sheets to the #5 setting on my Ampia pasta maker and made my mom's vegetarian version of lasgagna; egg, ricotta, mozzarella and parmesan in a pudding-like mix with parsley and nutmeg, layered with tomato sauce and baked. It's better reheated as it turns out. The leftover noodles I cut into tagliatelle and the big guy got them with tomato sauce for lunch. I ate a cheese sammidge.

Then I did Galbi Jiim, which is a Korean short rib stew. I used boneless ribs we had in the freezer, and I happened to have brussels sprouts, potato and carrot, too. Here is the   RECIPE  

It came out delectable. I made more soup than this called for (because I like soup) and it tastes rather like French Onion, despite the shoyu addition. I did not use sesame oil--that goes in as a seasoning at the end, for those who like it.

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